Animal Crossing Unites the Family

Animal Crossing Unites the Family

There’s no shortage of First Person Shooter games, MMO games, extensive RPG’s and tactical games. However, one thing that doesn’t get enough light is the prevalence of family-friendly or child-friendly games. Of course you have games like Pokemon and Zelda; however, these games can be pretty extensive and not something for EVERYONE.

So I’m here for the Mobile fanbase!

Instead, I’m talking about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. Fans of the series range across ALL ages due to the simple layouts, cute character designs, and short/long term fun.

This game is perfect for siblings, parents and cousins that you might have over this holiday season. It’s an easy way to connect and start up a conversation. When your little one comes to you and asks “do you have any games on your phone?”, give them this one!

Cool Friends

In Depth Crafting

Gathering from Nature








Nintendo released Pocket Camp FREE for Android and iOS systems. In this you’re tasked to build a campsite for you and all of your friends! As the camp manager, it’s your job to craft items, fish, collect resources from nature and make friends to build the best campsite possible! Featuring customization of not only your character, but your campsite’s layout and camper are included!

You all can check out the official website here

Also, here’s the official direct from Oct 24th

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