Anime Dads

Anime Dads

Hey Critikal ones Prodaj here once again!

As promised, I have the continuation of my good/bad Dads piece (Anime version).

Bad Dads

Ging Freeces from HunterxHunter manga/anime

Just a man trying to follow his dreams, no kids needed

HxH is an all-time favorite anime of mine, but I can’t ignore how much of a crap-dad Ging is. Even the Hunter’s association calls him out on this. He was a free spirited prodigy and became a hunter and left his son with his ‘Aunt’ Mito and basically travels the world doing what he wanted because he could. His son Gon the main character in HxH, seeks to find him. He eventually gets a tape from Ging telling him that he doesn’t want to meet him but if hes ‘good enough’ then he will have to find him. This results in Gon doing some crazy reckless and epic things just to find Ging. Luckily, Gon does finally meet Ging and they do have a good father/son talk. But Ging, come on dude, you had no way of knowing that Gon would succeed. He could have died so many times and you wouldn’t have lifted a finger. He was protected by plot armor, which was a better dad to Gon than Ging was, SMH.

******TRIGGER WARNING********

Every parent in Pokémon

This is a no-brainer. The world of Pokémon is a fantasy world where adolescent kids travel all over the world with no parental guidance. Team Rocket exists, but I guess none of them are kidnappers or worse, because if they were then it would mean Pokémon is a whole lot darker than we thought. But the fact remains is that these kids can pretty much do anything they want and capture dangerous monsters. What parent would willingly let their kids go Pokémonning? If you would, then you’re a bad parent! Look, don’t rage out at me you know it’s true.

Pokemon make great parents though

Gendo Ikari from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series

Oh boy where to start? A cold, calculating callous cad that was the Commander of the NERV organization. His sole purpose was to bring forth the 3rd impact: which is basically the end of the world as we know it, and make himself godlike- just so he can have his wife back. He goes about this by recruiting his distant son Shinji to be the pilot of Eva Unit01 to battle the Angels, the main protagonists of the story. He is uncaring about his son’s well-being and only focused on his one goal, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

His wife could give him more children was his logic

Shou Tucker from Full Metal Alchemist

The face of pure evil

This piece of crap father (and I use the term father in the loosest of senses) was a State Alchemist called the Sowing Life Alchemist that gained notoriety by creating a talking Chimera. He lived with his daughter Nina and their dog Alexander in a huge house after his wife left him. He enjoyed the life of a famous alchemist until the Amestris government pressured him into making another Chimera to prove himself once again. He succeeded in making another Chimera- by fusing his daughter and dog into a pitiful creature that was sad to witness. It is then revealed as a 2 for 1 as the first Chimera he created was from his wife. So we got a double whammy with this one, not only was he a terrible parent, he was also a terrible husband who quite literally used his family in his experiments. The Nina/Alexander Chimera was spared a life of sorrow and pain and was euthanized by the villain Scar, but the true villain was Shou Tucker.

Good Dads

Maes Hughes From Fullmetal Alchemist

Marry someone who looks at you like this

Captain Maes Hughes was an Amestrian officer in Central City as an Investigator. He was friends with Roy Mustang and served to help Protagonists Ed and Al Elric. He was a capable fighter as evidenced with his expertise with throwing knives and a true military man in the best sense of the word. What made him stand apart was the fact that he used any opportunity to gush about his beautiful wife and daughter which he kept photos of on hand to annoy anyone unlucky enough to be around him. This served as a one of the sources of comic relief on a show that dealt with a lot of drama and dark subjects (see Shou Tucker). His sad death was the catalyst of a major phase of the series to kick in high gear. Hughes was best known as being a friend and a husband a military man and most of all a loving father. Who brought out the onions?

Minato Kamikaze from Naruto Manga/anime

Coolest father-son combo ever

Minato or the 4th Hokage, the father of Naruto wasn’t there for his son’s formative years. That was because he died with his wife Kushina the night he was born. If you’ve seen Naruto you know why he makes my list. This dad protected his son from beyond the grave in his fight against Pain. You could argue that an ostracized Naruto-turned brat of the village all because he had little to no parental guidance doesn’t make Minato a good dad, but let me ask you this: What really makes a good dad? What I think makes a good dad is a father that is willing to protect his child at any cost and any way possible which is exactly what he and Kushina did. He literally died for Naruto then saved him again from being consumed by the hatred of the Kyuubi inside of him. Way to go Yellow Flash!

Goku from the Dragonabll series

With much thought and trepidation, I struggled with whether or not I should add Goku to this list. He certainly isn’t a bad dad seeing as how (when he’s alive) he’s there for his family. But he’s not really father of the year either. He left his son in the care of a rival that was sworn to kill him before more powerful foes showed up. But you could argue that he made that decision because of the events that unfolded and he did so because his son showed incredible potential ( don’t let me down DBS) and left him in the care of the most capable person to bring that out of him when he sacrificed himself to defeat Raditz. He later had another son and though he didn’t meet him until he was brought back to life, he wasted no time showing Goten love. Ah Goku, you’re a pretty good papa, but you suck as a husband.

We all know who’s the better dad

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