FFXV Comrades

FFXV Comrades

For those of you that enjoy Final Fantasy XV in any capacity, and don’t mind paying a bit for the brand new DLC, well I have good news for you…

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is a brand new Multiplayer expansion and a new way to see the FFXV universe! For PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1, you can experience the story with your own eyes and a whole new person of your imagination!.






I know many of you don’t care about creation, but on the other hand, there are many of people who do care (like me). Just one look at a Kotaku article can show you the sheer variance in people’s┬ácharacters.

You can check out the launch trailer here.

The story takes place after the events of Chapter 13 of the main game and as members of the Kingsglaive, you are endowed with powers invoked by the Lucian bloodline, utilizing a variety of weapons such as katana, shurikens, clubs, and guns. Much like the main game, you complete quests and gather ingredients for powerful spells, new equipment, and stat bonuses fit for a member of the King’s Royal Guard.


The trailer itself is a little bleak, but that’s where all heroes start, right? In the darkness, light is born…or something along the lines of that. Final Fantasy is a series very accustomed to this idea.

Are you all going to play? Are you just waiting for the PC version in 2018? Or are you not interested in XV anymore?

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