The Game Awards Bring More Than Just Awards

The Game Awards Bring More Than Just Awards

In case you missed the Game Awards, you can check out their official page for all of the goodies. The winners, the losers, the nominations.

Spoiler alert, Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Nintendo won 3 times across their 6 nominations! An incredible and admirable feat. Will this be a new era of gaming for the company? Even though the company is known for their child-friendly games and consoles, may this open a new way for games that are a lot more open and less structured than their predecessors?

However, the award show didn’t only just bring out the wins, they also showed new releases!

World War Z

A video game centered around the movie with the same title (released in 2013) starring Brad Pitt


Video Game Simulator

From the same makers of Job Simulator, we now have a new VR adventure but for the vacation time!

PUBG’s New Map

Tired of fighting in the cold stretches of Europe in a deserted and empty wasteland? Well, now the developers are here to take you to an ACTUAL desert!

Check out the map on its Test Servers! Also, PC 1.0 Version is set to release on December 20, 2017


A Way Out

The brothers in crime trying to get out of prison, a new co-op game that’s been hyped up for months. Check out the Meet Vincent and Leo (the protagonists) below

However, I think no one is as excited as the guy you all have been hearing about.

The Director of the game (and also Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons) Joseph Fares who passionately said “Fuck the Oscars”

You can check out the full video here

Death Stranding

Brought to you by the man himself, Hideo Kojima, here is the trailer for Death Stranding, a new IP. You might have been hearing this across the interwebs, with a baby and all. Well, here you go. Soak it in and enjoy! This is Kojima unleashed.


Other Releases:

Into the Valley of the Gods

From the same producers who brought you Firewatch (2016)!

Breath of the Wild’s 2nd Expansion 

Lots of new things, including motorcycles! It’s already out!

Soul Caliber VI 

Coming in 2018!

Bayonetta 3

Along with the 1st (released in 2009) and 2nd (released in 2014) games being released on the Switch, the 3rd title is set to release in 2018!


A gorgeous looking game from the same people who brought you Bulletstorm (2011)

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