Holiday Time for Eorzea

Holiday Time for Eorzea

Happy Holidays all!

Nelajus here and like you all, I’m enjoying the holiday time being at home. I hope you all are fairing well! Nonetheless, I’ve had my nose to the grinding board for new ideas about posts. So I hope you all enjoy what I come up with in the near future!

Now normally, I wouldn’t develop a whole post talking about only ONE of the games I play, but I think it fitting considering there is a whole HOST of things. If you’re at odds about the game, now would be the best time to get into it considering the recent price reductions and upcoming slew of content.

FFXIV Holiday News

Not only is there new stuff on the way in terms of events, but FFXIV Base Game (ARR), Stormblood and the Complete Edition are all half off via the SE online store!

You call can find the link here

Moreover, there is annual Starlight Celebration event going on where you can even get your adorable flying bear mount!


                                                        But that’s not all!

When this event ends, we still have the annual Heavensturn Event (aka the New Year’s Event) which will feature the Year of the Dog with new the new Stormblood race, the Lupin.


FFXIV 4.2 Patch

Also incoming after the holiday events, we have a lot more information about upcoming updates to the game. Patch 4.2 releases more story, quality of life update, class changes etc.

Here’s the official website. Follow us and them on Twitter for updates to the game!

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