Kingdom Hearts from JP D23 News

Kingdom Hearts from JP D23 News

Quality over Quantity

We didn’t receive a plethora of information about the ever famous Kingdom Hearts 3 Release (including the release date), but what we did get was that it was confirmed for later 2018 and 2 trailers!!! Are you excited for even more at E3? Hopefully we’ll get the release date then!

Trailer 1

This Japanese trailer confirmed all of our dreams. Monster’s Inc. world, more information on Toy Story, AND a Tangled world etc. The trailer features incredible character designs, fellow friends, world specific command menus and incredible 3D interactions with the world.


And here’s some of the key screenshots from the trailer


Trailer 2

This features the singer Utada Hikaru with her new song for Kingdom Hearts 3. Also, the trailer themselves showcase new interactions with Sora and friends featuring Marluxia, Vanitas, Toy Story, with a conversation between  Riku and King Micky at the end.

The Japanese Version can be found here, and it’s called Oath

The English Version can be found here, and it’s called Don’t Think Twice

Here’s some key screenshots from the trailers. (Both versions are the same, just with different vocals)


One Twitter user, @Mist_Wizard, even paralleled this recent scene with Riku and our first introduction to Sora back in the first trailer for KH3 in 2014.


Are YOU excited for more Kingdom Hearts? Let us know!

I know WE are!

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