Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Hello Everyone,

I know that this game has been out for a month or so, however, I have been playing this game and exploring it in its entirety. I have enjoyed this game so much. The world is by far one of the wackiest in the Mario Universe, as it blends everything that we love about Mario with the aspects of a kids playroom, not to mention the Rabbids bringing their own little spin. They are all over the place and just causing a mess. The Rabbids that are a part of the team are even crazier they bring their own unique spin to the costumes of the Mario characters that they are portraying.

Now getting into the gameplay itself I enjoy these strategy games there are almost endless ways to complete each fight. I have had many struggles but was still enjoying the tough but fun fights. Each world has 8 levels in four worlds, with every level giving each world its own unique story. As well, there is a mid-boss and a final boss unique to every world, each with their own special abilities which makes each fight challenging on its own way.

Overall, I can say that there was never a dull moment while playing this game. I struggled but got that great feeling of finally succeeding in beating a challenging fight or just enjoying the craziness that the Rabbids bring to the Mario Universe.

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