Nintendo Brings Back TWEWY

Nintendo Brings Back TWEWY

Nintendo as a company always loves giving people surprises when you least expect it. In its history, Nintendo gives us fans what they want even if we don’t exactly know ourselves.

Earlier this week, Nintendo Direct Mini on January 11th decided to bring back a fan favorite for their Switch console.

Personally, this game was on of my favorites and has always had its spot in my Top 10 Favorite Games of All Time (yes I didn’t stutter)

TWEWY on the Nintendo Switch

The World Ends With You: Final Remix will come out later this year! 10 Years after the Original Release in the U.S no less!



TWEWY or “The World Ends With You” was a Nintendo DS game that was released in 2007. Made by Square Enix, you played as the melancholic protagonist named Neku who found himself in a deadly game. Taking place in and around the Shibuya area of Japan, you utilized Pins which gave you mysterious powers against creatures called Noise. As you play, you realize the truth around the mysterious circumstances and other victims who play this “Reaper Game” with you.

The game featured a darker tone than previously seen on the DS at the time, colorful creatures and abilities dotted across the parallel world of Japan, interesting character designs and a diverse soundtrack.


Even more interestingly, the game utilized both Top and Bottom screens of the DS to their fullest potential. What you did on the touch screen would mirror itself on the upper screen as your ally fought with you.

What’s New:

The NEW Switch version brings a new and original story with new characters!

Here’s the full video for your viewing pleasure!

I think this will finally make me get a Switch this year. I think that this is a great direction for Nintendo, bringing back old favorites as sequels/continuations in a new format. The resounding success of Zelda and Mario last year continue to be fantastic examples.

This “cult classic” is now going to have a version on the Switch. Nintendo will most likely fill us in with more details later, but the question is…

Are YOU excited to see Neku, Shiki, Joshua and the crew again?


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