Nowhere To Go But Inside

Nowhere To Go But Inside

Hi all! Sorry for lack of post last Friday (Doctor’s orders), but alas we’re back right on time for Friday the 13th! Lot’s of spooky games and things to commemorate this special day.
But to jog your memory, there are 2 awesome things you can do today/this weekend!

1. Evil Within 2- Brought to you by Bethesda, this new addition to the Evil Within franchise brings us psychological and survival horror at the PERFECT time. Follow Sebastian Castellanos as he works with a shady group in his last chance at redemption to save his daughter.

2. Overwatch- Still play OW? Well whether you still play or want to just stop in for a fun time, Junkenstein’s revenge has begun! Play as a whole host of heroes as you battle against the Zomnic horde that Junkenstein has created in his castle! This Halloween event also brings in brand new skins and voice lines for numerous heroes!

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