Overwatch @ BlizzCon Reveals

Overwatch @ BlizzCon Reveals

Hi all how’s it going!

We’ve got big Overwatch news for this weekend!

First off, is the the NEW map! Blizzard World!

New Map: Blizzard World

Ever wanted to battle with your favorite heroes in a wondrous theme park by Blizzard? Have no fear, the Overwatch team has read all of your minds!

Check the full video here

New Cinematic: Honor and Glory

We also have background information for our favorite payload leader, Reinhardt! This cinematic reveals the true story of Balderich and Reinhardt’s sad story behind how he joined Overwatch. You can find the whole video

Click here for the sad story

New Hero: Moira

Everyone has been asking for a new healer lately and now Blizzard has delivered! Meet Moira, a Talon agent that can equally heal allies and deal damage to enemies. Mastering her movement and duality is going to raise the skill set tremendously!

Learn about her here

Overwatch World Cup!

Blizzcon is upon us and so is the Overwatch World cup! If you’re interested, check out the various booths for Blizzard’s games and especially the World Cup. Watch the Top 8 Countries duke it out in the quarterfinals throughout the weekend!


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