Overwatch Brings Culture To The Fans

Overwatch Brings Culture To The Fans

One might have noticed that Overwatch League is going on right now. If you haven’t noticed, nor really cared in Opening weekend, you take a look here:

The Twitch 

The Official Page

But there’s something going on behind the stage of lights, camera, and action.


Yes, one of Overwatch’s fan favorite aspects of choosing the outfit of your FPS hero in gorgeous, gaudy or silly outfits. As of today, the 21st of January, they have released VARIOUS skins. And surprisingly, they all have an interesting them. Cultural-themed skins. These will be Legendary level skins and I think it’ll be better to show you rather than tell you:

ASP Pharah

Here’s the new Pharah Legendary skin that celebrates her Egyptian heritage. Donned in all gold, serpent headdress, serpent shoulders and serpent themed rocket-launcher, Pharah’s new skin is one of my favorites.

Capoeira Lucio

Here’s Lucio’s new Legendary skin that celebrates his Afro-Brazillian heritage. For those that don’t know, Capoeria is a martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and music. It fits perfectly for him right? This skin shows Lucio with dreads pulled back, bandages around his arms, large yet fitting pant, a bare chest, and various other accessories.

Kabuki Hanzo

Here’s Hanzo’s new Legendary skin that celebrates his Japanese heritage. Kabuki is a classic Japanese dance and drama that’s performed in theaters by various actors in ceremonious make-up.The skin features red and white designs on his skin, an amigasa (traditional Japanese sun hat), and Japanese armor.

With all of the cultural legendary skins, they have also showcased new Epic level skins. Even though these new skins aren’t as fancy, they’re still new ideas for a lot less currency!


A blue themed McCree outfit with a gold skull on his belt and cape! Also, it looks like he’s grown some facial hair.


A red themed Reaper outfit with a demonic mask and lava-esque guns, shoulders, and fire runes on his cape.


A hazard yellow outfit for Junkrat, now donned in a black t-shirt.


A simple, yet elegant blue dress with gold floral pattern and trim


An alien looking Zenyata that features snake-like eyes, and a green/navy/purple outfit.


But also, as precursor to these skins, @PlayOverwatch showed new sprays on their official Twitter page. These were all designed by @tinysnails and interestingly enough, these sprays show the new Blizzard World skins as WELL as the newly released skins. However, there’s one more that hasn’t been shown yet


At the bottom left side, 2nd from the left, there’s a small D.Va. We’ll see the new picture via Twitter for sure, but keep your eye out for it!

Overall, all of these skins are the juicy nuggets that have been in the working in the background stages. Tell us what your favorites are! Could this be a new trend for Overwatch Legendary skins to be culturally conscious in 2018?

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