Pokemon in 2018

Pokemon in 2018

Pokemon and 2018

A great duo, as all of the fans might think, is Pokemon releasing on the newest generation of Nintendo’s consoles: the Nintendo Switch and 3DS. With the new year, Nintendo has promised us that there will also be a new Pokemon games in order to utilize the heightened graphics and a concepts that the Switch provides.

Near Future

The first of which, is the new handheld game; Detective Pikachu which offers a big change in pace from the long history of “Gotta Catch Em All” play-style from previous games games on the DS systems.

The newest trailer shows us scenes from the story with the taciturn main character Tim working with the quite talkative helper, Pikachu.

The game releases on 2DSXL and 3DS on March 23rd. I believe Nintendo is taking a big step forward with this game considering it’s so different from almost any other Pokemon game (Pokemon Snap still exists though).

Far Future

Something that most people have probably forgotten about is Nintendo’s reveal of a new main series Pokemon game coming to the Switch SOMETIME in 2018. Whether you want to call it Pokemon Stars, 0 and 1, or something else entirely, is up to you.

There are various thoughts from people around the Internet, but my 5 cents is that the games with utilize a 3D open world with a real time battle system. Recently, Nintendo has found resounding success with stretching their muscles into the realm of open world games.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Image result for nintendo breath of the wild

Mario: Odyssey

Image result for mario odyssey


There have even been some concepts thrown around of Unreal Engine 4-style Pokemon. Of course these aren’t official in the slightest but an idea that GameFreak can really go off of.

Image result for pokemon unreal engine 4

I think this new generation will be a great way to hit off of the nostalgia of the older generations and the invent of new styles encompassing a home console graphics. Some sites have even debated their ideas and information as well.

What do you all think?

Do you guys want another Pokemon handheld series, or are you just too excited for the Switch release?

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  1. Personally, I want a game like the Pokemon Colosseum and XD Gale of Darkness. What we call the shadow pokemon series, I feel like it would be so hype after all these years too!


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