Pokemon News Galore

Pokemon News Galore

Are you having a serious case for Pokemon nostalgia?

Do you get in and out of Pokemon on a pretty regular basis?

Well here’s 3 of the most exciting things to come out recently!

New Hoenn Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go was a huge 2016 fad that came and went; however, the fan-base continues on strong even today in 2018. So what’s new? Well Hoenn Pokemon have officially joined the Go Pokedex! This brings the total amount of Pokemon available to 386 (including legendary pokemon not released yet but in the code at the moment of writing this). The ever-so helpful Serebii website has the full list

Pokemon Crystal is OUT!

Your childhood favorite, Pokemon Crystal is now available on the 3DS eShop!

Did you play the original Crystal? Or were you more of a Gold and Silver fan?


Year of the Legendary

Even though this is older news, here’s a quick reminder! This year is the Year of the Legendary. This means that throughout the year, Pokemon will make legendary’s available via online connection on a regular basis! Be sure not to miss out!

Here’s the promotional image:

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