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Prodaj’s Random Thoughts Blog

Hello everyone, its Prodaj here and I’m back with a question for you all:

What is that game that you cannot wait to play?

There’s tons of new games on the horizon and it’s only a matter of time before we can get our hands on them.So which game is it for you? I’ll tell you that I have 2 that I cannot wait for: God of War is the Former. Both games are slated to be released this year and as of this article’s posting, God of War has since been released; a date has not been set for the latter sadly.

Let me paint the picture for you: I am mainly a fighting game guy (as you all should know by now) and my game collection reflects that.  I have most of the heavy hitters out now: Mortal Kombat XL, Injustice 2, Street Fighter 5, Dragonball Fighter Z, and Soul Calibur 4 for nostalgia battle purposes. I also have NBA 2K17, and Rocket League, a game that I am very bad at but love to play. Playing these games provides me with hours of enjoyment and neglected duties. But sometimes you crave something more.

There’s nothing that can burn up your 24 hours than a good action adventure title.  Before I became taken by the fighting game genre, I explored open worlds as the avatar of my choice. I remember playing the very first Resident Evil game on the PlayStation. I have fond memories of spending hours searching the mansion in the woods on the outskirts of Raccoon City.

This game set the standard for Survival Horror Titles

Super Creepy 1st Zombie


I remember playing the genre smashing Metal Gear Solid, where sneaking around actually is fun and hopping in a box hardly ever was effective. I still regret not being able to sustain my HP in the torture sequence that ultimately let Meryl die. RIP Meryl.

RIP Meryl…

Sneaky Spy Action!

I am sorry.. my fingers were tired spamming those bumper buttons =(






Of Course, I remember when I first played God of War. Those other games were incredible but God of War was special. I can’t exactly pinpoint what it was about that first God of War that had me enthralled utterly. It could have been the cinematic play that had you pressing the right buttons during the Quick Time Events (QTEs). It could be the mythology of Ancient Greece (I was kind of a geek for that stuff when I was younger) and how Santa Monica Studios used different elements of mythological stories to weave a truly original story based on old ones. It could be the fact that it was just so fun launching enemies into the air with your chain blades dealing extra aerial damage (shout out to Devil May Cry as well). For me other games feel like opening attractions but God of War is the main event.

Look at that form! Now Respect it!

Which is why I am pumped for the new God of War game. Im so pumped in fact, that I pre-ordered it before there was a release date.

I must be honest though in this newest installment the absence of Kratos’ s iconic chain blades will leave a huge gap in the authentic feel of the franchise, but I’m still holding out hope that the Leviathan Axe he has can hope to be a suitable replacement for the chain blades.

So that’s the game I’m drooling over for what’s yours?

What was that?

You wanted to know the other game I simply cannot wait for? I’ll tell you…

in my next article so look forward it and stay Critikal!

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