Sonic Forces Release

Sonic Forces Release

What’s up everyone King KyBA here, today we’re looking at Sonic Forces. Now we know the last sonic game that came out was sad. But with hope in our hearts and Critikal in our minds we look towards Sonic Forces. In this iteration you can make your own character and fight for the side of good to take down the eggman empire. Which raises the question why are you not able to play both sides? They’ve done it before with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Is it that they believe the Shadow DLC will cover that? Also is having your own created person a cover up gimick or a perfect piece for this game? We don’t know, all we can do is look at the game with a Critikal eye and see.

Anyway as usually let us know what you think below and check out the launch trailer as well. And remember stay Critikal

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