Terror in Jacksonville

Terror in Jacksonville

For those who are not already aware,

There was a mass shooting today in Jacksonville, Florida during a Madden 19 tournament. There have been multiple casualties reported and many more that probably have been traumatized. Our hearts go out to these people and their families.

This hurts us not only as people but as gamers. For many of us, video games are a social form of media where we: get together, share ideas, share funny moments, challenge and trash talk each other. For some of us, video games are an escape from the crazy reality that we live in. That is where this event strikes hard. We are used to the outside claims of video games, especially violent ones, causing violent behavior but to see that behavior show itself in our space puts a little fear in all of us.

However, this is not a time to hide! This is a time to unify and stand strong with each other. Reach out to the people like you who might be worried and let them know that this event does not define us. Let us also prepare for those claims of video games causing violence to get behind this event as a campaign against video games.

But at the end of the day, we want you all to be safe and as we always say… Keep it Critikal.

For more information on what happened, check the link below:


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