Twitch in the Mainstream

Twitch in the Mainstream

We have all been big proponents of Twitch. Since its inception in 2011, the platform has been the hub for many people to watch others playing video games. The site has been integral to popular gaming tournaments for mammoths like DOTA, League of Legends, Overwatch, World of Warcraft, PUBG and now Fortnight.

A 100-player PvP Battle Royale game that has exploded in the past month with constant updates and fun features. As of last month, the game reached well over 3 million users (a number that continues to grow today).

You can check out its various channels and the site here

For Twitch, at any given point, you can find hundreds of channels playing any range of video games. Live Steaming as the term is called, is where people play games and can interact with viewers in the chat room.

Just recently, popular rapper Drake played Fortnight with popular Twitch streamer, Ninja.

This stream around its peak, reached over 500 thousand viewers.

For many, this was their first introduction to the site (and the streamer by proxy). One could say that it was instant publicity for Twitch.

And even better, Twitch was definitely on board with it by tweeting out this and various other memes.


One can see Twitch is going to continue to grow more and more. Does this open the window for more celebrities to being able to show their love for video games out and into the open for the common person?

Whether it’s Drake on Twitch or Michael B. Jordan on Crunchyroll, popular celebrities are bringing “nerd culture” to light and bringing it closer to the norm.

Tim the Tatman, a popular Twitch streamer, even asked Elon Musk himself of he played Blizzard’s first-person-shooter, Overwatch.

Any bets on the next celebrity to show their video gaming skills on Twitch? Are you apprehensive or excited about video games and anime becoming more and more mainstream?


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