Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and Beyond?

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and Beyond?

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are less than a week away. It’s incredibly how fast we’ve gone from “No News” to “Trailer Reveals Every Week”! We’ll experience a new version to the Sun and Moon story and be able to see all of our favorite new Alola Pokemon! So, I think it’s time we talk about the future of USUM.


Just yesterday we got new information on Mimikyuu’s new Z-Move, “Let’s Snuggle Forever”. Somehow, GameFreak has made the creepy Pokemon even CREEPIER (who would’ve thought). The new video can be found here


Rainbow Rocket and Legendaries

Moreover, if you tie this in with the new information about Rainbow Rocket (led by Giovanni) and the return of past main antagonists (like Cyrus, Maxie, and Ghestis); the abilities to find and catch most of the Legendary Pokemon from day’s past, one can see that there’s a lot of new goodies coming at us for the final game.


But that’s right. I said final game. However, I just mean final main story handheld game on the 3DS.

What does this entail for the series? Do you think there’s going to be something on the Switch?

GameFreak has already revealed that there’s going to be a new main story Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch, but do you all have any ideas as to what it’s going to be like? Might there be a new handheld revealed in E3 2018?? Tell us your speculations down below! The more tin-foil hat, the better!

*whispers* A new 3D RPG?

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