Why We’re Excited About the new Pokemon

Why We’re Excited About the new Pokemon

Nintendo has given us a whole HOST of information for this year and the next. With the light going out on 3DS and handheld systems for Pokemon, we’re given an outline of sorts for upcoming games. The press event on May 30th is all but a taste of what we may get for E3.

Pokemon Quest

First and foremost, we got the official release for Pokemon Quest. A free to play game for mobile and Switch. Confirmed OUT NOW!

Here’s the official trailer:

The Pokedex only includes the original #151 (including Mew and Mewtwo), you’re able to play and fight in a world called TumbleCube Island. I won’t go into detail about the game’s mechanics, but there’s a whole new way to catch and train Pokemon that includes things like creating enticing meals to draw them in to your village. Of course there are Micro-transactions by nature.

We’re excited for this game because, similarly to Pokemon Go in 2016, it gives Pokemon to a wider range of people. The mobile audience and the new Switch audience are perfectly primed to playing Pokemon now and it further expands them into even more kid-friendly and family-oriented player bases.

Here’s the official link to the website!

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee

The first confirmed mainline games on the Switch, this game brings a Pokemon Yellow-esque theme to the new console. Primarily, it works as a console tie-in to Pokemon Go. This is slated for a November 2018 release date. 

Here’s the amazing trailer:

The trailer shows Pokemon available in the over world, Pokemon following, and wild-Pokemon encounters. This time, you can play through a slightly different Kanto storyline. Just like in Go, there’s no need to battle Pokemon, and instead you just catch them through targeting your pokeball. Moreover, the game utilizes CP just like in Go.

We’re excited for this game because it brings back the 2016 hype of Go and helps propel it into the Stratosphere with new Switch compatibility. Also what you catch between the games can be brought over between your Go account and Let’s Go account.

You can find out more from the official site here

8th Generation Game in 2019

It was also revealed that there will be another main series title for 2019. This will feature the 8th Generation and this will bring the generational audience. Genius marketing on Nintendo’s part, I think that they’re making great strides here. They tackle the audiences that haven’t been touched before (via mobile games), bring in new Switch audiences with Let’s Go, and then bring in the generational audience in with a new Switch title.

We’re excited for this because we’ll know what to expect from this new Generation from the new tech of the Let’s Go games.¬†More than likely, we’ll get even more information at E3, but also, the new Pokemon that will become available via Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games will showcase the new theme for 8th Generation. We’ve heard whispers that it’ll be modeled after Alaska, but those are just whispers. What do you think it’ll be modeled after?

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