YouTuber Highlight #1

YouTuber Highlight #1

Hey, Everyone! Today I am going to be highlighting a YouTube Channel who I have been following for a while and has been building up quite a bit of traction since I have found him. I am talking about Alpharad.

I had come across him while searching for Super Smash Bros’ character tutorials. After that I had watched a few more of his YouTube videos and I was hooked! He had so many videos on Smash Bros, which are by far a few of my Favorite ones. He has done some just playing with friends, CPU Tournaments, and just trolling his friends by playing a┬ácompletely random character. He also has a series called the Not (Game Title) series, where he plays games similar to bigger games like Smash Bros., Overwatch, and etc. His videos mainly highlight whether the games are funny or awesome.


He did take another one of his series called Replay Hut, this originally started off as a series about user submitted clips of either funny or sick kills in Super Smash Bros. Now it has turned into those funny or amazing clips for other games like Rivals of Aether, Overwatch, or Anything. Anything is basically any game that doesn’t have a series on it or just a recorded video of you doing something awesome or just completely stupid. It is one amazing channel that supports his┬ácommunity and shows off some of those in the communities on skill.


Finally, when it comes to collaborating with his friends, they are always making videos for each other’s channels. However, they also have their own

group channel called Friends Without Benefits. This channel has the personalities of Alpharad, Weegee Plays, Dad as Heck, Turvis, Deezus, and Major Duncan. Individually they make great content, but together it is even better. Turvis, however, had to leave because of personal reasons. They still all collaborate together, but he is not going to be in future videos that they have not posted. They have a similar feel to Game Grumps, but at the same time it has their own personal twist to it.






If you want to check out any of the content on these channels just click on the pictures where the links will take you to their channels.


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