Youtuber Highlight #2

Youtuber Highlight #2

Hello Everyone! I am back with another YouTuber Highlight. This week I will be Highlighting StoneMountain64. He mainly does his videos on First Person Shooters, but he plays them on a whole other level. He treats them as if he is in actual combat, He will talk to his teammates or squadmates in Military Lingo. The best part of it is that they do not know about him for the most part, with some of the traction that he has gained they point out. I remember catching him before he gained most of his traction, and just thinking how funny it was when he was playing Battlefield 4, Rainbow Six, and a few others and just laughing so much because of how the others would react to his shenanigans.

He has done a series where he had his girlfriend film him while he played Pokemon Go and treating it like he was a Pokemon Trainer. That is one thing that some people like myself love to do when I play video games, to put yourself within the game whether it is by talking like you are in the military or by treating yourself as a Pokemon Trainer.

If you would like to check out his channel it is linked in his Channel art, he also streams on Facebook Monday-Friday 1-3 Pacific Time, and also streams on YouTube Saturdays 7:30 am Pacific Time, he also posts his Top Plays show where people send him clips to be featured on Mondays. Outside of that, he will post his other content where he does the role-playing when he is able to get to it.


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